Stuck in December 

by Kristina

Your stare is unbelievable
Your hands are so deceiving still
You tell me that you want me
Your face it truly haunts me
I tremble at your touch
After all of these months
That voice and those hands
They simply transcend
Everything I thought I knew
It’s redefined because of you
What you do to me
Please just let me be
That basket case you need
Let me love you inevitably
Let me touch you every second
This passion we couldn’t mention
The love we couldn’t make
Wrong circumstance and place
Put your hands on me please
Touch my body, and tease
Run your fingers through my hair
Place your hands anywhere
Hold me like you need me
Tell me that you see me
Differently from all the others
How you wish I was your only lover
I’m not selfish or cold hearted
But walking away and being apart is
More than I can do
I truly wish I could
Forget all this and move on
To be rational and strong
But I have failed each time
That I have tried
Perhaps it’s your turn
To say goodbye