I Need

by Kristina

I want you to believe and to trust 
My words and how I touch
Your ears, how you say you love
I wish I did it more, or enough 
I want you to remember driveways and parking lots
Holding hands and our long talks 
Because through all the hurt the pain 
The anger and dismay
I can still see right through 
To the other side of you
The one I got to know 
The one I couldn’t let go
I want you to believe and to trust
My love for you and for us 
Every word spoken despite how hurtful
Brought me back through our full circle 
I felt every single thing a thousand times 
Still I fell back in love every night 
I want you to know and to feel 
Everything I did for you, was honest, selfless, and real 
I want you to know and understand 
That I tried my hardest, even though I failed
But most of all I need you to know and to see 
No one will ever love you this way, no one but me