by Kristina

Part of me sees a life
In which you don’t exist 
I move on and grow up
And forget all of this 
I have a family a dog and a house 
Because somehow I learned to live without 
Without our hope, without our desire
Without the very feeling that sets us on fire
Without our future and without our love
Without everything we dreamed of 
Part of me sees an endless void
Which I fall into without choice
I’m alone there and I’m sad
I’m nostalgic, full of pain, and mad
At everything that never was 
I’m mad at you, I’m mad at us 
For not trying harder
For not going farther 
For bidding goodbye to the only thing
That some say makes life worth living 
Part of me sees a life 
In which you don’t exist 
And in that world I am empty 
Full of regret, and hopeless