by Kristina

Thirty two
That was back when I first met you
Every little thing you did 
Was impeccable and I loved it 
Each moment of sheer bliss 
With you, I wanted to share my life with 
Thirty three 
There was so much more to see 
All the plans that we had made 
The life that we’d soon make 
The time that it would take 
Was worth the wait, so I would say 

Thirty three 
All I heard was “I’m sorry” 
But I was so tired of words
They meant nothing and they hurt 
You would promise me the world
And said that I would be your girl 

Thirty four 
How many times I closed the door
Only to let you right back in 
Just to have you hurt me again 
I would have never changed a thing 
Patiently waiting for something 

Almost thirty five 
I can’t believe I’m still alive 
After everything you put me through 
Only to say you cannot do 
All the things you said you would
It’s my fault for thinking you could

Thirty five 
2 years wasted of my life
But I promise you this time 
I won’t be here to say goodbye 
I have no hope left to try
You have hurt me the last time

I will never see your thirty sixth
Never give you a birthday gift 
No card no love no birthday kiss 
And the only thing that I will miss 
Is the time I spent holding onto this 

And when you soon reach forty 
And life and love seems boring 
I hope you look for me somewhere
Discover I’m no longer there
And witness the life that I will share
With someone who deserves it, someone who loves me, someone who cares