by Kristina

I want to see inside of you
I want to see you cry
I want to undress your very essence
At least I want to try 
I want to hold your sorrow 
Within my own two hands 
I want to feel it run through my fingers 
Your despair a pile of sand
I want to look into your mind
To unlock your memories 
I want to replay and relive them as my own 
As if you were a part of me
I want to see the world through your eyes
As to further comprehend you
I want to read the book of your life 
I want to break and bend you
I want to be inside your dreams 
To see what occupies your mind
I want to analyze every breath 
Every scream, every sigh
I want to share each regret 
Every heartbreak and the mend 
The time you spent, the toll it took 
Where, why, and when
I want to see inside your heart 
The pieces that make it whole 
To feel the beat, to hear the sound 
I want to caress your magnetic soul