by Kristina

I had not one ounce of remorse
For the way I looked into your
Deep, dark, alluring ocean
Of an optic soul;
My bodily attraction to your
Every mechanical breath
Function and movement
Was electric
And sinful

I had but a trace of guilt
For the way your hand
In a fortunate twist of fate and accident
Brushed against mine;
The thoughts that soon followed
Would turn a holy man
A shade of red
Never before seen

I had little fear of what
Anyone else thought
In regards to my darkest and most
Ill intended discretion
For the cautiously planned
Synchronized hours of togetherness
That were
Without doubt

I could not force myself
To feel shame or sadness
For the innocent life
Being deceived
When your intoxicating tongue
Spoke circles around me
And opened the flood gates
Of my anatomic desire